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“Own your morning, elevate your life” – Robin Sharma In this week’s article, we look at the positive effects of an early morning Yoga session and provide some insight into the science that backs this up. We also briefly touch on the ways in which we’ve implemented Yoga into our […]

“Eat good, Feel Good” In today’s article, we will be looking at the effects a poor diet can have on your child’s performance in school, and how beneficial it can be to kickstart their day with a healthy, nutritious breakfast. Ensuring your child gets enough of the right nutrients can […]

At School of Play, we are aware that choosing the right childcare for parents/carers is of extreme importance. We offer a service to ensure that every child in our care is happy, safe, and valued as an individual. We offer our wraparound care to children from 3 to 11 years […]

We all know the obvious benefits of our children exercising. It keeps them fit, strengthens bones and reduces the risk of future health complications. But you don’t need to read a blog on the obvious, so I’m going to go over the other MAJOR benefits of why exercising keeps our […]

Now we all know that children like to have a run about and let off the energy they have built up during playtimes… but have you ever stopped to think about what they are doing for the rest of their day? It is recommended that children have 60 active minutes […]