It was brilliant. The staff were amazing, and our kids had a blast! We were greeted with refreshments, and on the last day of the week, a giant balloon arch! The kids had a great time, and all of the staff were enthusiastic and good fun.

Each staff member we met was friendly, knew what our kids had been up to, and made an effort to give us some info when we collected them.

Nikoll Carr
Urmston Camp


“Great! It was very engaging with the blow-up animals on the fence, and it was nice to see some of the children’s crafts on display.

I thought the welcome Alexa received on her first day was fantastic. The teacher took the time to chat with her and make her feel comfortable before she went in. I got thorough feedback at the end of each day, and Alexa came home happy.

She did so much, and it was all very inventive! I’ve been impressed from start to finish. A massive well done to all the team!”

Rachel Smith
Urmston Camp

The children were so excited to see the balloon arch with a snake hanging off it when they arrived; they both ran in and didn’t look back!

The booking process; the information provided in advance of the camp; and the reminder emails with clear bullet points stating what the children need to bring, were all excellent. As was the phone call prior to camp to ask if we had
any questions — a really lovely personal touch.

I really like all the staff I’ve had contact with. When I fed back to the person greeting in the morning of Day 2 that Idris was feeling a bit nervous about attending Days 3 and 4 without his little sister,there was immediate reassurance. The iPad came out, and the two team members identified that another boy was staying for the full week and switching over to School of
Sport like Idris — | was so grateful for that care.

They’re already looking forward to coming again in the Summer holidays. It’s such a relief as parents who both work full-time to know that the children are happy, well looked after and having fun!

Charlotte Clayton
Chorlton Camp

“Fantastic! This was the first time the girls have been to School of Play, and from the moment they walked up to the gates, they were so excited. With the jungle-themed animals, balloons, streamers etc, they couldn’t wait to get in and enjoy the day with everyone. They didn’t even look back! | love how much of an effort the whole team had made to make it so welcoming.

Brilliant organisation. | think it’s great you provide a timetable for parents to see what the kids are getting up to throughout the day, and they have so many interesting activities to make each day a bit different.

Both girls said all the team workers were so fun and really nice to them. I thought it was lovely they came to speak to the parents at the end of the day to give any feedback and tell us how they had got on.

I was really worried about how my youngest would be as she’s only in the nursery, but the whole team made her feel really comfortable, and she enjoyed every second with her big sister. They can’t wait to go back again in the summer. Lots of variety, the kids were so excited to show us what they had made each day and tell us what they had been doing.”

Leigh Edge
Urmston Camp

“I had a great first impression. The staff were really organised and friendly, and there was a welcoming vibe as children arrived. I received a call the day before camp to check if I had any questions, and they were expecting Alex on his arrival and knew where he was meant to be.

The overall leader welcoming the children and the overall leader of the young children in the playgroup were both friendly, kind and caring to Alex, who was nervous at first. On the journey to the holiday club on the second morning, he told me he loved it.”

Jen Potter
Urmston Camp

“The holiday camp looked amazing, and the team had gone the extra mile to bring the lost in the amazon theme to life. Easy drop off in the morning and pick up in the evening. We also love the schedule provided on the site so we know how the day will be split and the extra activities planned.

As always, Ashlea and Katy have been fabulous with Arthur, from the personal greeting in the morning, their understanding of his feelings and the encouragement they provide to make Arthur have loads of fun every day at the holiday club. Arthur also mentioned George this week as he tried school of sport for a couple of days and how impressed he was with George’s football skills.”

Sandra Quinn
Urmston Camp

“The idea of having a club with arts and crafts was great as not all kids like sports. There were lots of different activities, and my daughter never got bored! The ideas were very creative.

The camp was really organised, and everyone was very nice during drop off and pick up. Very detailed timetable information, regular communications via SMS and phone call in advance made my life much easier.

Catherine loved Sophie. She kept mentioning how sweet she was. She reported in detail how Catherine behaved/felt throughout the day. My daughter already mentioned that she wants to attend the next camp, during the summer holidays!”

Claudia Mendonca
Chorlton Camp

“The staff were very welcoming and friendly. This was the first time my girls had been to a play camp. They walked straight in! I arrived on the first day to collect them a little earlier, and my eldest told me to collect her when it was over the next day as I was too early.

They had great fun both days they attended and were really proud of the crafts they made. It was a lovely touch giving them a certificate, and Martha loved getting a star of the day award.

I met the two ladies at the door- both were very professional and friendly. The children took to them straight away. I’ll definitely book again!”

Imelda Raine
Chorlton Camp

“As usual, such a fun-filled few days Sophia has had. She’s been up to all sorts and absolutely loves coming to camp.  Ashlea and Katy have made a huge impact on Sophia as she talks about them all the time at home. They’re so friendly when we come to pick up. Sophie wasn’t able to attend day one of camp due to an appointment and the team bought her a card for being brave, really kind and thoughtful. You consistently provide a fantastic service, and I love that we’re so lucky to have this service on our doorstep.”

Laura Fowler
Urmston Camp

“The organisation of the camp was outstanding. Every team member I spoke to was fantastic, really enthusiastic and cared about Felix. Felix had a great time. It was his first time at the camp, and he was a bit nervous – he’s been to holiday camps before in the summer holidays, just not here. He said everyone was kind to him and he didn’t feel nervous for very long! Thank you. Felix had a great time, and the quality of the craft coming home was brilliant. So much thought had gone into everything!”

Vicky Timson
Urmston Camp

“It has been an easy process, from booking all the way to drop off and the collection. The kids thoroughly enjoyed all the activities, which were varied and fun. The team is outstanding, and the quality of care provided is on the next level. All staff members have a lovely personal bond with each individual child, and they feel supported, listen to, and in a home from home.

Katy has been impressive again. She seems to read Henry’s behaviour very well and has brought out the best in him through positive reinforcement. She always has time to listen and acts quickly regarding concerns; improvements etc. Henry has been very happy! The team has gone above and beyond this week! Great activities, excellent prices – a superb mixture.”

Jana bahr
Urmston Camp

“Amazing as always. Anna loved it and was sad to finish. Brilliant, well-planned activities and resources. It is so nice to see her come out laden down with things she has made. Quality runs through the whole club. The team are so friendly and welcoming. Very professional and always happy to answer any queries. Ashley and Katy are brilliant, welcome us with a smile, and are always so lovely with Anna. The activities planned were well above what I expected.”

Angela Shilvock
Urmston Review

“Really easy to book my child on, very clear instructions and great communication . A staff member rang me before my son attended to ask if I had any questions and emailed me about the Halloween disco to remind me that the kids could dress up.

The staff are very friendly and really get involved with the kids. My son was a little nervous about coming as he didn’t know anyone. He quickly made friends with support from the staff, who really helped bring out his confidence.”

Jessica Mapana
Urmston Camp

“Elias really enjoyed himself and was keen to get in each day – we felt he was well looked after (and tired!). The organisation of the camp was excellent. I welcomed the call from Sophie to see if I had any questions.”

Dmitri Gallagher
Urmston Camp

“Matilda really enjoyed her three days at club, she was really excited to tell me all about her day and had fun with all the different activities. The staff were wonderful, and getting the star of the day made her so happy. Thank you so much to everyone.”

Katy Farmer
Urmston Camp

“Ivy absolutely loves attending School of Play. The staff are fantastic, Ivy absolutely raves about Ashlea. The activities are really engaging and I’m always hearing “Why did you collect me early?”

Chelsea Beck-Daniel
Urmston Camp

“Emilia had a brilliant time at the holiday camp – we have already booked the Christmas holidays! She was worried about coming in on Wednesday, but Ashlea was brilliant when I dropped her off, and she walked in with a smile. Emilia has not said a single negative thing about the holiday camp, so thank you! Thank you also for the horse riding lesson and the gold award – she is really proud of this, which has boosted her confidence.”

Karen Thakuria
Urmston Camp

“Drop off and pick up were easy and respected social distancing. The staff made the children very welcome. The staff are great and let the parents know how the day went for their child at the end of the day. Our son had a great time, and he is already keen to attend the next holiday camp. Loads of activities were in place, and Arthur brought back all his masterpieces and treats at the end of each day.”

Sandra Quinn
Urmston Camp

“Anna really enjoyed her days at the club, and the staff were really friendly and enthusiastic. Well organised and clear instructions. Nice that someone phoned us beforehand to check any last-minute details. The organisation of the camp was excellent.”

Angela Shilvock
Urmston Camp

Memories to last a lifetime