The Happiness Advantage

In our most recent NPS Team Happiness Survey, we asked our team “On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to refer our company to your friends or family”. 55% scored us a 9 or 10, whilst the other 45% scored us 7 or 8.

Here is some of the anonymous feedback we received from them…

“A great friendly business that can cater to anyones needs”


“Friendly staff and they make you feel welcome. Management are approachable and check up daily and how everyone is and how the day before went.


“Really good company to work for and would recommend to friends but not always Family members as I wouldn’t want to have conflict with home life, if for any reason an issue came up.”

“If it was someone highly motivated and goal-driven then I would definitely recommend the job as I know they would be welcomed, challenged and rewarded.”


“The team has made me feel at home and become like a family.”


“It is a great company to work for and all the team are lovely to work with and be friends with.”