Our Culture

Our work culture is an aspect of our company that we feel very proud of. As our company has progressed, we have watched our team create wonderful workplace friendships that benefit the consistent communication between us all and our willingness to work hard together, which benefits the team as a whole and aids in the personal growth and development of each individual.

The School of Play family are big advocates of positivity. A positive mindset can lead to great success, and so, we try and inspire and influence the community in a way that spreads positivity far and wide. Encouraging optimism will always create a positive atmosphere, a fun environment and overall, an ideal working culture.

To us, our values plus our behaviour equals our culture. If we behave consistent with our values day in and day out, our culture will be healthy.

We Hire For Attitude

We’ll be honest; School of Play isn’t for everybody. If you hate teamwork and sharing the credit, or doing more than expected, then we’re probably not for you. But if you are highly passionate about working with children, and you see this line of work as more than a job, then you should apply.

Everything we do within our organisation is centred around our purpose of creating memories to last a lifetime. 

We aren’t like a family, we are a family, and it is that feeling of togetherness, combined with our team’s knowledge, experience, skill, and personality that creates great results.

Although individuals require a certain level of qualifications to work with the children in our settings, we focus more on whether someone is the right cultural fit for our company. We hire for attitude before skills.

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People First Approach

We believe loving your job is a right, not a privilege. Our team are at the heart of what we do, and we understand the quality of our colleagues has the greatest impact on the quality of our service.

It is our job to look after our people, and in return, they will look after the children in our settings. People do not want to be told what to do, they want to be part of something, and here at School of Play, you can do just that.

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