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"The ethos is portrayed in everything the staff do."

- Mr Parker

Headteacher @ Urmston Primary

Our Venues

The environment in which we choose to set up our clubs and camps is essential to us. We believe that selecting a setting that is surrounded by a friendly and welcoming community is a key factor in why our service runs so smoothly and efficiently.

We look for school environments that not only display similar values to ours but where you can truly feel the positive energy that flows through the school. Children flourish so much more when they are surrounded by vibrance, colour, passion and positivity.

We also take into consideration the space of venues- Will it be safe? Will the children get the most out of the areas provided? Children need both indoor and outdoor space and a lot of it!

Playing in a confined area would not be as beneficial as wide-open spaces, outdoor trim trails and garden space where the children can run freely and explore. We believe that our current venues are ideal settings for our wraparound care and holiday camps, and we are excited to expand and develop even more in the future.

Creating Your Account
Our Deeper Vision

Here at School of Play, we don’t believe in stopping at an end goal or final product, as our journey as a company is never-ending and forever progressing.

That doesn’t mean to say we don’t accomplish our goals, but it means we’re forever trying to improve the quality of our service and continuously provide you with the best standard of childcare.

Our main aims are to provide the children with memories that will last a lifetime, to ensure their happiness in and out of school and to provide peace of mind for each and every parent or guardian who chooses us as their wraparound care provider.

As well as our five core values, we focus on our deeper vision which is a little more personal and that is genuine care. Having a team and community that genuinely cares for each individual child is our competitive advantage as it guarantees the safety, well-being and overall happiness of your child in our care.

A Sense of Belonging

The feeling we create for the children at our breakfast and after school clubs is what makes us truly unique. Although we are proud of the variety of activities, workshops, and interactive shows on offer at our settings, it wouldn’t mean anything without a strong culture. 

Our dedicated team of childcare professionals are passionate about making a difference to the children in our care and are completely aligned with our purpose of creating memories to last a lifetime.

"The way they look after them is so caring and nurturing, I couldn't ask for more"

Parent @ Urmston Primary school

"They are all really attentive and I feel they have got to know Elliott really well"

Parent @ Urmston Primary school

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