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School of Play was founded by close friends and colleagues Ryan Harris and Sophie Wolfendale in 2019. Their story began over 10 years ago when they first worked together as children’s sports coaches at David Lloyd Trafford, it was there they became good friends and developed a tremendous understanding.

Fast forward a few years to 2016, Ryan went on to set up our sister brand School of Sport, whilst Sophie gave birth and became a working mum to her now 4-year-old little boy.

A year later, Ryan decided to get Sophie on board as he felt the business would benefit from her expertise and knowledge within the childcare industry. In addition to this,  he felt having someone alongside him with similar aspirations and goals would help move the company forward.

After coaching sport in over 40 primary schools in recent years, both Ryan and Sophie felt there was the need for a high-quality wraparound care provider that would offer exceptional care and value for money.

Having successfully set up their first-holiday sports club at Urmston Primary School in 2018, they decided to approach the school about offering wraparound care. This is when School of Play was born!

Ryan and Sophie share the same beliefs, philosophies, and principles that define the core values of both organisations and continuously ensure the whole team are buying into our ethos.

Core Values 
  • Passion
  • Quality
  • Teamwork
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