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Why Choose Our School of Play Futsal Holiday Camp?

Firstly, it’s Gareth Southgate Approved! He explains that “Futsal is a great game in itself and an excellent development tool for young players”. Now, we’re not sure this statement is an appeal to all, but we’re assuming it will to the majority. You can’t deny his long list of football achievements.

Our School of Play Futsal holiday camp, now exclusively based at Davyhulme Primary School, is designed to give young players of all abilities a chance to develop their ball-playing skills and discover a newfound passion for Futsal alongside building new friendships and teamwork skills.

The activity plans have been designed to provide young players with the opportunity to develop core Futsal skills such as shooting, passing, heading, goalkeeping, defending and dribbling. These sessions aim to teach the fundamentals of Futsal in a fun, engaging and energetic environment whilst also providing a well-rounded holiday camp experience.

It’s not just Gareth who loves Futsal; Ronaldo, Messi and of course, School of Play, recommend Futsal to every child and here are some reasons why:

  • It encourages the ability to sharpen technical skills. 
  • It fosters lightning-quick decision-making.
  • It promote a safer sporting experience due to reduced physical contact and a softer playing surface compared to traditional football.
  • It’s a fun alternative to mainstream football.

Ultimately, this indoor variant of football not only enhances fitness and agility but also offers a dynamic, fast-paced environment that boosts cognitive abilities while building on teamwork and individual creativity, making this camp an ideal mix of skill-building, physical activity, and social development for the children of Manchester.

Follow the link to meet some of our Futsal coaches and we hope to see you all soon!

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