Manchester Children’s Holiday Camps- Discover What Sets Our School Holiday Camps Apart!

When it comes to creating unforgettable memories and nurturing young minds, our holiday camps really do set themselves apart from the rest. It’s not just about providing a safe space for kids to spend their school breaks – it’s about curating an experience that’s truly exceptional, memorable, and full of boundless energy.

Passionate Team, Endless Energy:

At School of Play and Sport, our secret ingredient is our holiday camp team. Comprising individuals who are not just skilled professionals but also passionate about children’s growth and development, they bring an unparalleled level of enthusiasm to every session. Their genuine love for guiding young hearts can be felt in every interaction, making each camper’s experience truly special. But what makes our team even more remarkable is their camaraderie. Being friends off the clock as well as in camp fosters a warm and open environment, ensuring that communication flows seamlessly. This dynamic rapport creates a space where children feel comfortable, heard, and inspired to explore their interests. Some say it’s magic!

The Perfect Fusion: Sports, Crafts, and Beyond:

A child’s journey of self-discovery isn’t confined to one domain. That’s why we’ve ingeniously merged the worlds of sports and crafting to create a multi-activity camp experience like no other. Our collaborative approach means that kids get to explore a wide range of activities, nurturing both their physical skills and their creative instincts. Imagine a day where footballs fly, paints get messy, and laughter fills the room. This unique fusion offers your child the chance to unearth their passions, whether it’s a newfound love for painting or a sudden knack for cartwheeling fun.

More Than a Camp, It’s a Community:

At the heart of our company lies a deep commitment to creating a sense of community. We understand that parents entrust us with their most precious treasures, and that’s a responsibility we hold dear. Our mission is to create an environment where children feel like they belong, where they can form friendships that extend beyond camp, and where parents can rest easy, knowing their child is in caring and capable hands. We call it a ‘Home Away from Home’.

Affordable Fun with Unbeatable Perks:

We believe that every child deserves the chance to experience the magic of a holiday camp without breaking the bank. We’re proud to offer affordability without compromising on quality. And that’s just the beginning! We’re excited to share a range of amazing perks that make our camps even more accessible:

  • Tax-Free Childcare: We’re on board with helping parents save on their childcare costs. Our participation in the tax-free childcare scheme ensures that your hard-earned money goes further, making our camps an even better value.
  • Childcare Vouchers: We gladly accept childcare vouchers as a convenient payment option.
  • Sibling Discount: We understand the joy of sharing camp experiences with siblings. Enjoy a 5% discount for any sibling attending.
  • Full-Week Booking Discount: Secure your child’s spot for a full week of adventure and receive an exclusive 5% discount off the total fee.
  • Free Friend Friday: Friends make every adventure better! Bring a new friend along on Fridays, and they’ll enjoy a complimentary camp day, creating memories that last a lifetime.
  • Parent Referral Scheme: Spread the word about our camps, and we’ll reward you for it! Our referral program lets you earn fantastic rewards when you refer other parents to our camp community.
  • Surprise Giveaways: We love surprising our campers and parents with little tokens of appreciation throughout the year. From special event tickets to camp merchandise, there’s always something exciting in store.

So, whether it’s crafting a masterpiece, scoring that winning shot, or simply just finding some fun activities for kids in Manchester, School of Play/Sport is the company for you – it’s an adventure where curiosity thrives, friendships flourish, and memories are made.

Join us on a journey that promises high-energy fun, passionate mentors, a diverse array of activities, and a welcoming community. Discover the magic that sets our holiday camps apart and watch your child’s potential unfold in an atmosphere that’s second to none. You can see the energy in our videos, head over to our socials to see! (Top right on our homepage)

Enroll your child today and be part of the family – where we make ‘Memories to Last a Lifetime’.

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