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Awesomely Active

Now we all know that children like to have a run about and let off the energy they have built up during playtimes… but have you ever stopped to think about what they are doing for the rest of their day?

It is recommended that children have 60 active minutes a day, and whilst a lot of their time at school is spent sitting at a desk in the classroom, many will then come home ready to watch their favourite TV programme or play their latest Xbox game. We live in a generation that revolves mainly around technology, and although this can be a great help to our everyday lives, it is important to make sure it’s not taking over our lives and especially those of our children.

Of course, we don’t want to stop children from having their own down-time where they can catch up on the latest film or read their favourite book; but let’s try to encourage the active time they need too! Each child is different and has different interests, but there are now so many sports out there for them to try, why not encourage your child to take part in one activity a week if possible.

Here at School of Play, we encourage children to be active as much as possible. We bring sports coaches in every week from our sister company to give children the opportunity to take part in some fun & engaging coaching sessions.

Whether that be yoga, tennis, football or dance, there really is something out there for every child. Not only will they be clocking up those vital active minutes, but they will also be making friends, learning valuable team skills, and most importantly…having fun!

Making small lifestyle changes can also make a big difference in the long run, things such as walking to school instead of taking the car when possible, or cycling instead of hopping on the bus.

Completing 60 active minutes a day can seem like quite a lot – but remember, they don’t need to be doing a particular sport every day to achieve this. Simply playing outside or going to the park for a run about and a play on the climbing frame all counts towards those active minutes and leaves them feeling awesome (and the park makes for a cheap day out at the weekend!)

 These are just a few simple ideas to consider when trying to make your child awesomely active!

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