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We can’t ask for much more than for our children to be living a healthy life and to be happy. The question is, how do we achieve this?

The pressure to ensure they are always eating the right things, participating in sporting activities, studying for the correct amount of time, and getting the most out of their day – it’s tiring just to think about, never mind achieve it all!

Really, it’s completely simple. We don’t need to worry about what Janet from next door is feeding her children, or which sport clubs our sister in law is taking little Freddie to, we just need to listen to what it is our own children like and dislike. If they refuse to eat spinach it’s not the end of the world; substitute it for broccoli and they are still getting the iron their bodies need! If they won’t eat chicken breast, try substituting it for homemade chicken nuggets, and you have a healthy alternative to a fast food meal.

The same rule applies with sport. If they hate kicking a ball around, don’t force them into going to a football club just because their friends go, find an alternative sport they might enjoy more. They may hate kicking a football but perhaps they love using skill to kick… kickboxing or taekwondo may be the sport for them! Sport releases endorphins into our bodies which make us feel great, which is why it’s so important to give your children a chance to try different sports. Of course, it’s near impossible never mind costly to have your child try every sport, but there are a whole range of sports out there they might not have even heard of!

At our Urmston Primary School kids club, we invite external sports coaches down on a regular basis to provide the children with sporting opportunities they may otherwise not take part in.

Instead of sitting at home glued to the television they will be being active, making friends, and learning the importance of team skills; all of this helps to keep a healthy mind and lifestyle. I’m sure after attending our after-school club they will be ready for a good long nights sleep, which makes bedtime a lot easier!

Any sessions delivered by external sports coaches come at no extra costs to parents/carers and are included in your regular fees to attend our wraparound care club.

If your child would prefer not to take part in sporting activities when it’s on offer, this isn’t an issue! Instead, they can get involved in some outdoor free play, lego, arts & crafts, and more.

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