5 Team Members ‘Memories That Will Last a Lifetime’

Our 2023 Summer Holiday Camp has been a blast! Our team had the incredible privilege of curating a memorable experience for the children of Manchester who joined us, and amidst the many moments of magic and fun, we wanted to share some specific moments from 5 team members who shared their FAVOURITE memorable moments from camp with us:

  • Imogen’s Dress-Up Day Memory: “My favourite day was the dress-up day we had. Seeing everyone’s imagination come to life through their costumes was lovely to see!” https://www.instagram.com/p/CwBBPgaoPUu/
  • Jess’ Content Creation Memory: “My favourite memory of camp was capturing and creating the content each week. Capturing the essence of our camps through pictures and videos allows us to show who we are as a company to each and every parent/guardian which I love!” https://www.tiktok.com/@schoolofplay

As we complete another successful holiday camp, our team members reflect on the moments that made our summer special. These stories are a testament to the joy, growth, and connections that our childcare service creates, leaving everyone involved with memories to last a lifetime. 

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