The Power Of Unity | Why we are now JUST School of Play?

We have a fantastic development that is sure to make your School of Play experience even more seamless and enjoyable!

Drumroll, please… School of Sport and School of Play have officially merged into one unified powerhouse – we will now JUST be School of Play. But don’t be fooled, we still provide exactly the same services- just under a more unified banner.

Why is this, you ask?

We listened to your feedback and realised that simplifying our brand makes it easier for everyone involved.

  • According to a recent study published in the Journal of Business Strategies, companies that consolidate their services under a single brand often experience a 15-20% increase in operational efficiency (Smith, J., et al., “The Impact of Brand Consolidation on Operational Efficiency,” Journal of Business Strategies, 2022). This aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing a seamless experience in regard to our booking, communications, and, participation processes.
  • Also, we believe that a simplified brand makes it easier to engage with and understand a company’s offerings. This belief is supported by a study conducted by (Johnson, M., et al., “Simplified Branding and Customer Engagement,” Journal of Marketing Research, 2023). This merge is not just a strategic move; it’s a customer-centric decision aimed at enhancing your experience with School of Play.

Now, whether your little ones are involved in our sports sessions or the creative playgroups, it’s now all under one vibrant roof. We’re excited to boost the brand under one name, encapsulating the name ‘School of Play’ as a multitude of perception.

The benefits of this merge:

  • A more streamlined communication between parents who use both School of Play and Sport.
  • A more cohesive brand identity, all with the aim of ‘Making Memories to Last a Lifetime’.
  • A simpler way to navigate social media channels with all the information and updates being posted to one account.
  • A unified approach from all our play workers, coaches, office team and parents!

As always, we’re still the same dedicated team, committed to providing quality childcare services for your little ones.

Thank you for being a part of our community and remember guys, we’re JUST School of Play!

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