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Why Choose Us?

Expect High Standards

From childcare to customer service, our company work extremely hard to guarantee the highest standards of care. We ensure that all of our team are experienced, qualified and eager to provide the best possible experience for the children. Our excellent leadership team also add to the great dynamic we have developed which ensures everything will operate efficiently and with ease. Everything we do at School of Play correlates with our core values, which slot together to make up the blueprints of our trusted company.

We Do Things Differently

School of Play offers childcare that is unique to any other and we understand that to keep children excited and engaged, our team has to provide new play methods, daily! With regular team meetings and continuous communication between the children, parents, club staff and the leadership team, we have developed a great understanding of what the children enjoy. From creepy-crawly workshops to interactive activities, our company caters to each child’s preferences to ensure they are constantly engaged in our care. It is also important to note that all our settings are technology-free zones for the children, which we believe creates a social environment that the children will love and thrive in. We make sure to use our expertise and knowledge of childcare to guarantee our service fits your school and all the individuals within it.

To Go Far, We Go Together

Our team are the heart of our company and individually embody each of our values to the highest degree. Their passion for the children’s care and development is outstanding, and this, in turn, helps build confidence and other important skills for them to take into their lives in and outside of school. Our enthusiastic playworkers aim to inspire and encourage the children to reach their greatest potential by working together to create an ideal environment for their growth.


We develop strong relationships with school staff in all of our settings which enables us to deepen our understanding of the children’s daily routine and assists us in planning engaging and interesting play for our wraparound care, which works hand in hand with their typical school day. Communication is key!

We also build strong connections with many local businesses, charities, and community groups, further enhancing the school’s relationships. We believe building a network of like-minded groups and individuals is crucial to offering a fantastic service.

We Guarantee Value

We believe in over-delivering, and so, should you decide to become one of our partner schools, you can expect more than just additional revenue. Here are some of the added benefits you would receive from working with us:

  • Additional services to the school included in any agreement. 
  • No hassle – easy to use online booking system.
  • Tailored Programme specific to your school’s needs.
  • Ad-hoc workshops and interactive shows at no extra cost to parents.