Why Choose Us?

Our Mission Statement:

To create memories that will last a lifetime by keeping children active & engaged through sport, exercise and play. 

Memories To Last A Lifetime

Creating beloved memories is one of the greatest parts of our childhood. It’s important to fill your mind’s scrapbook with events and moments. They will last in our memories and shape future decisions, relationships, and life.

At School of Play, we want to provide many experiences for the children that they can add to the scrapbook in their growing minds. From their first sport to their first art piece, we want to make those experiences great. We want the memories to be positive and unforgettable.

Trusted By Ofsted and Parents

In the past few years, we have had three fantastic Ofsted inspections. They affirmed the safety and quality of care for your children. Don’t rely on our assurances though! Check the feedback from Ofsted and the testimonials from satisfied parents.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

We are sure your child will enjoy their time with us. If they do not like their first day, we offer a full refund. 

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First Aid Guarantee

To be compliant, we must have at least one paediatric first aid-trained team member at each of our settings. But, at School of Play, we don’t take any chances. 100% of our team are paediatric first aid trained.

We must update our team’s skills every 3 years. But, we go beyond that and ensure our team renews them every 2 years.

New team members who have not taken a course in 2 years must attend a 12-hour paediatric course in their first 3 months.

We Live By Our Values

We believe in always taking the path that’s fair, ethical, and aligns with our values, ensuring honesty and integrity guide every decision we make.

For example, we prioritise transparent communication with our parents, schools and partners, ensuring you are fully informed about our services and pricing, fostering trust and long-term relationships.

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More than a job

We only recruit individuals with a true passion for childcare and coaching. Their core values must align with ours. Our detailed interview process determines if a candidate has the right attitude. We do this before looking at their qualifications, skills, or experience.

All our employees hold:

– Enhanced DBS
-Paediatric First Aid
-Safeguarding Children
-FGM Awareness
-Prevent Radicalisation

-Manual Handling

Our childcare team follows Ofsted guidelines. Over 50% have at least a Level 2 Childcare qualification.

Welcoming Environment

Our surroundings have a great deal of influence over us. They can have a psychological impact on our moods, attitudes, and behaviours.

At School of Play, we aim to provide a place where children can have fun together. They can also feel safe and secure. We believe that encouraging social interaction is key. It leads to friendships and a friendly atmosphere.

Through friendships, children gain confidence. This confidence can spread to other parts of their lives, in and out of school. Our team focuses a lot on the social aspect of our clubs. We do this by always staying well informed about the children’s interactions. We track each child’s progress and needs. It is paramount to us that every child stays involved and feels a part of our family!

Inspire The Next Generation

We know that children are the future. They will be the change-makers and future leaders. They are the key to a better world. Sometimes all a child needs is an opportunity and we aim to provide that for them with continued support.

We find purpose and build a vision for each child. Helping them reach their potential is one of the most rewarding parts of our job. This allows us to know the children as individuals. It also helps prepare them for what might lie ahead in school and work.

Let's Have Fun!

Above anything else, we want each child to have fun at our clubs. We know that learning through play must be engaging, exciting, and fun. This ensures that every child looks forward to their time with us.

We aim to spark the children’s imagination. We do this by offering unique captivating workshops, activities, and shows. These will let the kids have a short escape from schoolwork to have FUN, FUN, FUN!

Healthy Lifestyle

We believe fuelling children with the right nutrition will keep them bursting with energy throughout the day. At our wraparound provision we offer nutritious snacks that the children will love alongside encouraging sports and outdoor play. Keeping active is just as important as the food we fuel our body with, so engaging the children in exciting physical activity is key.