Our work culture is an aspect of our company that we feel very proud of. As our company has progressed, we have watched our employees create wonderful workplace friendships that benefit the consistent communication between staff and their willingness to work hard together, which benefits our team as a whole and aids in the personal growth and development of the individual.

We are big advocates of positivity. A positive mindset can lead to great success, and so, we try and inspire and influence everyone in a way that spreads positivity far and wide. Encouraging optimism will always create a positive atmosphere, a fun environment and overall, an ideal working culture.

A strong culture can motivate people with a shared sense of purpose. To us, our values plus our behaviour equals our culture. If we behave consistent with our values day in and day out, our culture will be healthy. 

Core Values

No Passion, No Point

We work with a  purpose and passion and believe in our mission of creating a healthier nation, for the future generation, by keeping kids moving. The excellent standards of service we provide stem from how much our staff care about each child’s development, wellbeing, safety, and happiness, inside and outside of our classes. We assist the children in developing a passion for learning through sport. We believe that passion is energy and that continuing to carry that energy throughout the children’s lives will allow them to always strive for the best.

Excellence Is A Promise

We place a lot of significance on our team being extremely attentive to detail. We believe how we do anything is how we will do everything, so ensuring the simple tasks are done to a high standard plays an important role in delivering the same standards with our greater responsibilities, such as providing high-quality coaching sessions to all the children attending our clubs. Over the last 5 years, we have built and developed the trust of hundreds of parents across Manchester. We are continuously striving to improve the service we offer by obtaining regular feedback from children and parents, which is then reviewed and implemented on a regular basis.

To Go Far, Go Together

We pride ourselves on working together as a team, to deliver the best possible coaching service to all the children attending our clubs. Our dedicated team have a great understanding of where their strengths lie and they are always working to ensure a collaborative mindset is embraced to achieve successful results. We want the children to understand the benefits of teamwork and hope they begin to implement this important life skill into other areas of their life.

Challenge Convention

We believe in creativity and the great impact it can have on a child’s enjoyment regarding their learning and development. ⁠That is why we challenge convention to spark the children’s innovation. Our team regularly discusses new and unique ideas that will enhance their coaching methods. Therefore, the children will progress and develop positively within all of our clubs. 

Memories To Last A Lifetime

Creating fantastic memories is one of the greatest parts of our childhood. It is important to fill the scrapbook of our mind with events and moments that will remain long-lasting within our memories as they contribute to future decisions, future relationships and future life experiences. At School of Sport, we want to provide as many experiences for the children to add to the scrapbook in their developing minds. 

Lead By Your Actions

We encourage all of our team to be leaders through their actions, whether they have the title or not. The greatest leaders set examples through how brilliantly they work and how impeccably they behave. They show emotion, energy, and passion in every area of their lives. They are radiant optimists even in the most challenging of times.