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Urmston Primary School

Main Junior School Building

The HUB for School of Play will be the music room in the main junior school building. This is where you will have to sign your child in/out when dropping off or collecting.

We will also have access to an additional classroom, the library, playground and sports hall (from 4.30pm) for various activities. If collecting after 5.55pm you will need to sign your child out from the junior sports hall.


Before School: £7 per day
After School: £10 per day

Full week before school: £30
Full week after school: £45
Full week before & after school: £70

Sibling discount: 10% off

*Please check T&C’s for full details


We want to start the day off right, we provide a healthy breakfast and some light activities to get your child prepared for the day ahead.


During our after school club your children will have a number of different activities to choose from. They can get creative, take part in role play, chill out in the reading area, complete any homework they may have and much more. At 4.30pm your child will be given a light snack to keep them going until tea time.

If you are collecting your child after 5.55pm you will need to sign them out from the junior sports hall.


We currently have 30 spaces per day available before and after school.

10 spaces will be set aside for nursery children joining the school every September. 

Drop off

When dropping off at our breakfast club please ring the School of Play bell at the junior office and wait for a member of our team to open the door.


When collecting from our after school club please ring the School of Play bell at the junior office and wait for a member of our team to open the door.


Arts & crafts
Sports free play
Cinema nights
Reading & homework corner
Board games
Construction play (lego, mechano etc)
Imaginative play (dressing up, kitchen etc)
Sensory play

Special activities

Martial Arts
Mad Science
Dino Fossils

& more

*Special activities are not guaranteed to take place on the day your child attends, but we will do our best to vary the days on which these happen. The sports coaching sessions will take place on a more regular basis than the shows.

Food & Drink

Breakfast Club

Water, Toast, Cereals (low sugar), Croissants, Crumpets, Pancakes, Waffles, Fruit, Yoghurts

After School Club

Water, Scones, Teacakes, Bagels, Pitta Bread, Hummus, Fruit, Veg, Brioche, Yoghurts, Rice Cakes, Tortilla Chips, Biscuits, Crackers, Breadsticks

*Weekly menus will be available at the setting and will vary slightly each week so your child isn’t always eating the same foods